Why Bazadais?

Bazadais are thriving in the varying Australian conditions, performing well whether fed on grass or grain. This makes Bazadais the perfect choice for Australian beef producers wanting to increase their profits and productivity.

Bazadais cattle have all the exceptional characteristics that Australian producers are looking for in stud cattle, or to infuse with a commercial herd.

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Bazadais are renowned for their exceptional length, well developed hindquarter and large eye muscle area.

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ABCS A.I. Sire Application  Link
ABCS Articles of Association (current 13/04/13)  Link
ABCS B1 Form – Registration (current 01/06/2020)  Link
Society Fees Schedule  Link
ABCS Lease Agreement  Link
ABCS Membership Application  Link
ABCS Zoetis (old Pfizer) Bazadais DNA Test Request Form – Need both forms  Link
ABCS Zoetis Sire Trace Order Form – Need both forms Link
ABCS Regulations (current 30/11/2019)  Link
ABCS Service Certificate (non owner of bull)  Link
ABCS Tattooing Procedure  Link
Standard Breed Guide  Link
Micro-Site Application Link
AI Sires List Link


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