Why Bazadais?

Bazadais are thriving in the varying Australian conditions, performing well whether fed on grass or grain. This makes Bazadais the perfect choice for Australian beef producers wanting to increase their profits and productivity.

Bazadais cattle have all the exceptional characteristics that Australian producers are looking for in stud cattle, or to infuse with a commercial herd.

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Bazadais Breeders Clean Up At Hughenden Show

A fantastic result for Trevor and Barbara Mitchell, Bazadais breeders from Hughenden, Qld, who are new to the world of cattle showing.

Trev and Barb entered only 12 cattle against three well known Droughtmaster and Brahman Studs who had a lot of cattle at the Show and many to pick from. They are all veterans of showing cattle.

Show Results:

  • First in open Bull any breed – “Balrosa Arrow”
  • First in Commercial bull under 24 months – “Billy”

Trev & Barb had two entries in this section and strong opposition from Droughtmaster and Brahman Breeders. Their first cross Bull was the youngest, 9 months. But as the judge said in her summing up ‘Billy’ was just too good it is hard to get a calf like that in any breed.

Trevor & Barb were elated to receive compliments from show goers about “Billy’. (by “Arrow” out of an ordinary red Brahmani cow).

Second in Pen of three commercial Bulls under 24 months By Arrow out ot good Red Brahman cows They were all red factor Bulls.

Second and Third in Stud cow section – “Genevive” and “Simone” They stood proud despite their age and created a lot of interest. Second in Stud cow section “Vienus” and “Filex” Judge said she did not have enough milk but she did not know she is fostering another calf and both calves are fat.

“Genevive” and “Simone” Trev & Barb entered two of “Genevive’s” daughters in the fat cow section and a cow by “Dacor”. These three cows had just had big calves taken off them and only weighed 610kg, 614kg, 654kg however they still made a lot of heads turn.

As a result of their showing, Trev & Barb have had a lot of enquiries about their sale bulls and some full bazadais weaners they have for sale.

The other cattle breeders now know Trev & Barb exist and next year they plan to be back bigger and stronger, hopefully with other Bazadais breeders, and give “these red cattle a run for their money”.

Congratulations to Trev & Barb for a fantastic showing!

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