Why Bazadais?

Bazadais are thriving in the varying Australian conditions, performing well whether fed on grass or grain. This makes Bazadais the perfect choice for Australian beef producers wanting to increase their profits and productivity.

Bazadais cattle have all the exceptional characteristics that Australian producers are looking for in stud cattle, or to infuse with a commercial herd.

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Carcase Merits

The Bazadais is a fine boned, heavily muscled animal (yet smooth), which provides exceptional yields as a pure and cross bred. Extreme length provides excellent rib muscling, and has maximum eye muscle area. Being smooth muscled, the fat lay down is even with marbling scores 1 and 2 with the added bonus of being able to finish off grass as well as grain. Bazadais have furthered their value in carcase competitions as listed in our results section.

Bazadais Rolled Roast

Bazadais T-Bone

Through comprehensive gene testing, GeneStar has determined the following:

  • That Bazadais are equal and better for the marbling gene compared with other breeds (with the exception of the well-known extreme marbling of the Wagyu breed which, however, cannot compete on the basis of weight for age);
  • The Bazadais breed has a clearly superior balance of feed efficiency with tenderness across all breeds; and
  • This confirms to the producers and potential buyers that Bazadais genetics will not only improve turn-off weights in shorter intervals more economically, but also offer an improved meat quality of superior tenderness for the all-important consumer.

Callide Dawson Carcass Competition Results

Keith & Bev Lacey, Donna & Eddie Wales with their ribbons & trophies from the 2012 Callide-Dawson Carcase competition.


Congratulations again to Keith and Bev Lacey and Eddie and Donna Wales. The Bazadais cross have taken many of the prizes in this competition following up on their wins from 2011 & 2010.

They took out many prizes at the recent Callide Dawson carcase competition (their third year in a row) with their Bazadais cross cattle.


Congratulations to Keith and Bev Lacey and Eddie and Donna Wales! The Bazadais cross have done well again following up on their wins from 2010. See here for Carcase Comp Results (12 KB, .xlsx)

Keith and Bev Lacey had exceptional results winning with their Bazadais Brahman cross and Bazadais Droughtmaster cross cattle.


To view more carcase achievements of the Bazadais breed, please view Carcase Results.

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