Why Bazadais?

Bazadais are thriving in the varying Australian conditions, performing well whether fed on grass or grain. This makes Bazadais the perfect choice for Australian beef producers wanting to increase their profits and productivity.

Bazadais cattle have all the exceptional characteristics that Australian producers are looking for in stud cattle, or to infuse with a commercial herd.

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Kempsey Show 28th & 29th April 2009

R & D Laverty    Big Ben Bazadais Stud   Taylors Arm NSW 2447

1st Heifer 1 to 2 yrs  :  All cattle are 2nd/3rd cross Bazadais 2nd Heifer 1 to 2 yrs
1st Pen Heifers 1 to 2 yrs
1st Heifer under 12 months
2nd Heifer under 12 months
1st Pen Heifers under 12 months
2nd Steer 1 to 2 yrs

Mark Borger    “Borgerville Bazadais”     NSW

1st pen of 3 steers less than 2 years      2nd cross Bazadais
1st Single Steer and took out                   2nd cross Bazadais

Overall Champion Fat Beast Kempsey Show

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