Why Bazadais?

Bazadais are thriving in the varying Australian conditions, performing well whether fed on grass or grain. This makes Bazadais the perfect choice for Australian beef producers wanting to increase their profits and productivity.

Bazadais cattle have all the exceptional characteristics that Australian producers are looking for in stud cattle, or to infuse with a commercial herd.

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Bazadais Australia Magazine
Free (view online)
$20.00 per 100
Bumper Stickers

Laminated Show Cards
$5.00 each
ABCS Vest with Bazadais Australia Logo$27.50 (current stock only) Suitable for ladies and gentlemen (sizing details)90% cashmere and 10% cotton, light to wear and machine washable

ABCS Shirt with Bazadais Australia Logo
$45.20 (Old stock only a few shirts left) – New stock $47.30 each inc GST -Business shirt, Cuban style,colour is black and silver, long sleeves (ladies is 3/4 sleeve)

Bazadais caps ABCS Badge 1
Bazadais Caps $16.00 each

“Bazadais Means Business” on the backIn stock is 10 Black, 10 Navy and 5 Khaki. Brushed Cotton with Velcro tab

Bazadais Badges $6.00 each

9cm x 5 cm Navy Blue

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